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Dry needling (DN) is a treatment with acupuncture needles based on Western medicine. The needles used are thin, sterile disposable needles packed in protective gas.

Typical complaints relieved by DN treatment include, for example, shoulder and back pain, migraine, tennis elbow, "tetanus" and other muscle-related pain conditions, as well as joint pain. The form of treatment is also excellent for athletes.

In dry needling treatment, the tense muscle where the needle is placed is first felt by palpating with the fingers. In the case of deeper muscles, the anatomical structures of the body, such as the pathways of nerves and blood vessels, are precisely determined. The needle can be used to make a dynamic, i.e. back and forth, movement, which can contribute to Pain Conditions.

The treatment can be done safely on almost all areas of the body. A common side effect of the treatment is transient soreness in the needled area. Sometimes acupuncture can be combined with electricity with a TENS/EMS device. 

Obstacles to dry needling treatment are bleeding disease, medication that predisposes to bleeding, acute injury and infection.



45 min   €55

60 min   €65

Payment methods: cash and the most common bank and credit cards. ​

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