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In addition to massage training, our service offering includes student massage, professional massage, masseter massage, pregnancy massage, acupuncture, dry needling and osteopathy.

Students' massage

You are warmly welcome to the students' massage reception! The visit includes an initial interview, movement tests for the treated area and dressing.

Professional massage

ProTeam consists of massage professionals who have graduated from our educational institution. In addition, many of them have continued their studies by specializing in the field.


Muscles of mastication

Treatment of the biting muscles aims to relieve, among other things, headaches, facial pain, fatigue and movement restrictions of the lower jaw.

Pregnancy massage

Massage during pregnancy aims to bring relaxation and well-being to the expectant mother, as well as to alleviate the stresses on the body brought by pregnancy.


Acupuncture is treatment with acupuncture needles based on Western or Chinese medicine. The needles used are thin, sterile disposable needles packed in protective gas.


Dry needling

Voice massage means processing the muscles involved in voice production, breathing and biting. The processing aims to facilitate e.g. pain conditions in the jaw and face area.



The most typical ailments that an osteopath examines and treats are neck and back pain, numbness or pain in the limbs, joint mobility problems, chewing muscle problems, and headaches and dizziness.

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