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Sports Massage Institute of Finland

Massage & osteopathy

Stack of hands

Studying to become a masseuse

Next group starts 8.1.2024

Education takes 12 months

Price of the education 2900€ 

Fluent Finnish is required

Open application

Seuraava monimuotokoulutus alkaa 9.9.2024

Koulutuksen kesto 14 kuukautta

Koulutuksen hinta 1900€ 

Colorful Books

Complete study path

We cooperate with the Orthopedic Osteopathy Training Center in Pasila. You graduate from OOKK as a modern rehabilitation professional in four years. OOKK trusts the level of graduates from Suho, so they have a place quota for our students. Suho's curriculum supports preparation for postgraduate studies.

Sports massage institute of Finland

We offer sports massage training and body care services with more than 30 years of experience in Länsi-Pasila in Helsinki.  


The trademark of our education is very extensive and in-depth anatomy studies. Our teachers are the best in their field. In addition to clinical work, they have also worked in the physio teams of several different sports teams.


Sports can be seen strongly in the everyday life of our school. In addition to the school's own reception, our students carry out practical training in meat care, e.g. In the representative teams of HJK and HIFK. Our students do not have to have their own sports background.

Most of the most successful entrepreneurs in the massage industry in the capital region have received their training from us. Welcome to study at a highly rated school! To be able to study in our school, you need to speak Finnish fluently.


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"I got much more from my study year than a new profession. I learned about myself, I found a new kind of self-confidence and I got wonderful people in my life."


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