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Massage Therapy

You are warmly welcome to the students' massage reception! The visit includes an initial interview, movement tests for the treated area and dressing. The supervisors of the internship visit to monitor the students' work in the treatment facilities.

Student massage price list:


30 minutes - €22

45 min - €27

60 minutes - €33

75 min - €38

90 min - €45


The most common bank and credit cards are used as a means of payment for student massage. We do not accept cash. Different massage benefits are also not valid as a means of payment.

Time recommendations for different areas:


30 min  -  acute pain in a limited area 


45 min  -  neck-shoulder area / arms / calves and lower legs


60 min  -  whole back / thighs and buttocks

75 min  -  legs / back and arms


90 min  -  processing of larger entities

Students have the right to exchange internship shifts with each other due to mandatory expenses. Even in cases of illness, we try to arrange a replacement massage therapist. We inform the customer about a possible change of masseuse through the appointment system.


The massage reception for students is open 17.7. from mon, wed and th from 8 am to 8 pm.

The opening hours apply to reservations made in advance, there is no continuous duty at the reception.

The reception is located at Pasila puistotie 4. Entrance from the left side of the A-staircase.


Do you want to come for a massage with, for example, a work or hobby group?

Massage reservations for larger groups and invoicing agreements via e-mail


In the event of an obstacle, please cancel your appointment no later than the day before by email or text message 0400 350 359.

For appointments canceled and unused on the same day, we charge a fee according to the price list.

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